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Good Morning!

Good Morning Void. I hope you are all doing well today. If this is the first blog post you are coming to then congratulations, you have just witnessed the birth of a new blog! Either that or you have figured out how to sort by oldest to newest. Or you’re the creator looking back on this blog post and wondering where oh where it all went wrong.


In any case, welcome to Good Morning Void. This is a blog started in the year of our lord 2021 (which is definitely wild to think about). Do you remember the last time you subscribed to a blog? Used an RSS feed? God forbid willing signed up for an email list? Me neither! To be honest I am too young to remember the golden age of blogging, and my Gen Z brain is too Attention Deficit and Dyslexic to be able to read any of the stuff that either was published or is still being published. So look at me, the cute little guy in way over their head and thinking this whole thing will be easy. Laugh at his tiny hubris!


Side tangent aside, you probably have a few questions you are asking yourself right now: “who are you?”, what is this blog about?”, “why are all my questions perfectly structured in order to let the author use them as a segway?”, “I am merely a narrative construct given the curse of self awareness for an off hand joke!”, “Wait, will I die if the author stops writing about me!?!?”, and “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!”.


All of those are fair questions but please hold your horses, I can only write so fast. To answer your first question my name is Roy and I am a game designer. As of time of writing I have recently graduated College with a degree in game design, and I am currently looking for work. I have been creating and working on games for 4+ years now, but I have only ever released one of the many many abandoned projects I have stored on my hard drive.


My hope with this blog is partly to help me stay motivated and hold my focus to one particular project. Instead of picking up and dropping projects as my interests deem fit. This blog also exists partly as a dev log of my work with updates and design docs so I can get better at writing/documentation. And Lastly this blog is to prove to myself that I can do it. That I can have the dedication, focus, and commitment to realising something on a fixed time schedule. I hope that answers your second question.


Now you may be wondering “what can I expect from this blog” and also maybe “Oh god  the author controls my thoughts! Does this nightmare of narrativistic reality ever end?!?!”. Well to answer that first thought, this blog is going to have some of this:

But it is also going to have dev logs, and game design docs, and maybe game analysis if I feel like it. In short there is going to be a wide variety of semi-gameplay and narrative related stuff.