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Game Designer / Programmer

Roy Ott

Game Designer / Programmer

Welcome to my nonsense: I make games here


F = MA is the game I made when completing my degree at ACC. I acted as our team’s lead programmer and I wrote 95% of the code in the game. There were many interesting challenges and I learned alot about coding AI behavior, working with Quaternion, and doing lots of Vector math. 

I often play TTRPGs with creative people who have… interesting ideas for different characters that don’t cleanly fit the rigidly enforced fantasies of Dungeon World. Thus, I have homebrewed many different playbooks for the system, which has taught me a lot about tabletop design and how to fulfill player fantasies.

A small game of snake with an extra mechanic. This project was made in under 38 hours over a two week period. This was a learning ercise in how to handle scope creep and planning small.